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SPL-20B 50KG Induction Zinc melting furnace

SPL-20B 50KG Zinc melting furnace
(2) Melting Zinc, Lead and Tin, etc with low melting point
(3) Steel pot Ф250×350, heating height 200MM;
(4) SPL-20 magnetic heating generator, air cooled; with output transformer;
(5) Maximum input power 20KW;
(6) Input voltage: 3×380V, 50 or 60HZ
(7) Duty cycle 100%
(8) Thermal couple temperature sensing and control;
(9) Weight of generator 22KG
(10) Size of generator (CM) 65L×34W×23H
(11) Weight of furnace 29KG
(12) Size of furnace (CM) 38L×38W×27H
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