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SPY-10 protable Induction Heater

(1) Model: SPY-10 Mobile induction heater
(2) Maximum input power: 10KW
(3) Output frequency: 20—50KHZ
(4) Input: 380V three phases 50 or 60HZ
(5) Duty cycle: 80%
(6) Heating head cable length: 3--5 meters
(7) Cooling water desire: ≥0.2MPa ≥5L/min
(8) Weight of generator: 26KG
(9) Weight of Heating head with coil: 2KG
(10) Size of generator(CM):57L×32W×71H
(11) Size of Heating head (CM): Ф5.6×20
(12) Used for copper connector brazing and copper tube brazing, etc.

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    SPY Mobile induction heaters are designed with 3 to 5 meter long connecting cable,  power ranges from 10 to 100KW,  and output frequency ranges from 20 to 80KHZ.  SPY machines can be used for copper connector brazing, copper tube brazing, surface heating and heating for coat removing , etc.
1. SPY classifications and main products
  (1)  SPY series products: SPY machines are consisted of SPY generator and Portable heating head with  3 or 5 meter long connecting cable,  and are suitable for copper connector brazing of transformer and copper tube brazing of  air conditioner, etc.; Main products  includes   SPY-10、SPY-20、SPY-30、SPY-40、SPY-60 and SPY-100;
  (2)  SPY-C series products: These machines are consisted of SPY-C generator and portable heating head with cooling system inside,  Main products include SPY-10-C2、SPY-20-C3、SPY-30-C4、SPY-60-C10.


2. Working theory and acteristics
    SPY machines adopt series oscillating circuit, inverting high frequency power is output through transformer and oscillating cap to the heating head, and then output to coil for heating.

    In SPY machines, our latest third generation inverting and adjust technologies are adopted to realize soft switching of the IGBT components and independent adjusting of the power and frequency, so as to reach a marvelous heating feature of the machine.

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